This type of therapy is aimed to bring about lasting, individualised changes in a person’s life through one on one dialogue between a client and counselling psychologist. It is an important step that individuals experiencing stress, addiction or even career challenges can take to holistically improve their way of living.

Yes. Therapy is intended for everyone and you are encouraged to seek out a counselling therapist regardless of the severity of your mental illness. The goal of therapy is to provide its clients with an outlet for experiences that they might have a hard time dealing with, themselves.

Any session booked with MyndKare will ensure that the clients experience a wholly positive and encouraging environment. A little nervousness is expected and completely normal to experience before the start of something new. Each session will be around 45-60 minutes long, and often smaller concerns can be addressed over a span of few weeks.


The first few sessions are usually your introduction to the therapist and vice versa. In next few sessions, you will ideally set, review and clarify your treatment goals with your therapist. Once you or your therapist feels like these goals have been achieved, you can choose to either stop the sessions or keep at it.

Depends on the severity of your issues. If you are facing problems like stress, anxiety about the pandemic, hopelessness, difficulty in relationships etc. it should take around 3-5 weeks. But if you’re dealing with more severe mental issues then it is probable that treatment could go into months, and often years.

It can often be daunting to seek help about mental health, especially when it has been so stigmatised in the past. Online counselling is a great way to combat the initial hesitancy you might have in taking the first step since we can be reached easily and discreetly through call, text or email. And keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, it is a much safer option as well.