Unlike what most people think Agoraphobia is not a fear of socialising but rather an avoidance of anxiety-inducing situations. People who suffer from it may often experience panic attacks when put in the specific situation they fear. Broadly speaking, it is categorized as an anxiety disorder, and is a disrupting factor in the lives of […]

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In times when at least two vaccinations are an absolute necessity, this phobia is extremely relevant. Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, is often undermined and overlooked as ‘not serious’, but no phobia should be ignored in such a way. Although most common in children, it can continue into adulthood and may become more intense.

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Anthropophobia can be defined as the fear of people and society/ community, and is often confused with Social Aversion Disorder. It is a phobia that may be on the rise in times of Covid, since many people night be scared of coming in contact with other people for fear of catching the Coronavirus. Once the

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Claustrophobia is widely known as the fear of tight, confined spaces, but that need not be the case. What counts as a closed space to one person may not to another. For that reason, many may feel uncomfortable for staying inside their home for extended periods of time. This however, differs from the cabin fever

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Nosocomephobia is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill fear of doctors and medical environments, and is surprisingly, a lot more common than you might think. For people with this phobia, hospitals are an absolute terror and they do everything within their power to avoid going to one, even if they’re suffering from a life-threatening condition. Some are

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Once known as hypochondriasis, nosophobia can be defined as the fear of having/catching a disease. It is more commonly known as Illness Anxiety Disorder. In the context of Coronavirus times, everyone is afraid of contracting Covid-19, but for nosophobes it can be called akin to an all-consuming terror. Life before quarantine would have been hard

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In our current times, this is certainly one of the most worrying and relevant phobias. With mandatory social distancing, many have been experiencing feelings of anxiety stemming from isolation. But for people with Autophobia, even the thought of being alone can induce stress. They need people around them in order to feel safe and comfortable,

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The greek word phobos,  literally translated as ‘fear’ or ‘aversion’, gives rise to the modern English word ‘Phobia’, which when put together with a (often Latin) prefix, can give the medical terms of certain conditions which may manifest themselves as reactions of irrational fear. They are variable, and not everyone will react the same way

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Mindfulness at its core is simply attending to what is happening fully. It refers to focusing on what one is doing, the space one is in. Although, it may seem trivial but our mind tends to wander away from the matter at hand. It is the basic human tendency to pay attention and be aware