6 Sessions Valid for 6 Months


All Services Included in this package :

  1. De-addiction Counselling
  2. Career Guidance & Counselling
  3. Individual Counselling
  4. Workplace Counselling

6 Sessions Valid for 6 Months

All Services Included in this package

Career Guidance & Counselling – Career Guidance & counselling is an integral part of the mainstream education in schools. It is our belief that every progressive school of the country must strive to provide a comprehensive guidance experience to all its students. We guide students and working professionals in choosing the right career path. Career counselling is a process that focuses on helping a person understand their own self, as well as the work trends so that one can make an informed choice about their career. It is knowing one’s ‘abilities’ as well as ‘liabilities’ and coping with them. With more and more diverse career options and professional opportunities emerging, career counselling helps individuals make an apt career choice.

De-addiction Counselling – De-addiction is defined as the process of overcoming addiction, alcohol, marijuana grass, cocaine and psychotropic substances. The person suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse might be suffering from depression or may be dealing with compulsive craving for specific substance or product (gaming, gadgets or sex etc.). The counselling provided to individuals having an addiction issue is referred to as de-addiction counselling. The counsellor uses the multimodal eclectic approach while counselling. The counselling process follows a different sequential process.

It provides counselling in the form of brief interventions and motivation to help patients return to sobriety.

Individual Counselling – Individual counselling is one-on-one counselling between a client and a therapist, in a safe and confidential environment. The client is free to express anything that comes to their mind. Counselling is a process of ‘help’ or ‘assistance’, provided by a trained professional to an individual facing a ‘conundrum’ or an ‘issue’. It is to make them understand their strengths and weaknesses and help them arrive at some ‘decision’ or a ‘solution’.

The therapist helps them in exploring those aspects of their life that need attention and prioritization. Thus, it helps them in having a better understanding of themselves and others. Exploration helps the client in understanding and analyzing their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviours and allows them to identify those aspects of their lives that they would like to empower.

Workplace Counselling – In today’s fast-paced corporate world, there is no such organization that has a stress-free environment. The employees can be stressed, depressed and suffering from anxiety. All these might be arising due to workplace related issues like managing deadlines, meeting targets, lack of time to fulfil personal and family commitments, or facing bereavement and disturbance because of some personal problems.

Workplace Counselling is an employee support intervention that is usually short term in nature and provides an independent, specialist resource for people working across all sectors and in all working environments. It is therapy offered to the employees of a company, often through an employee assistance program, that provides employees with a safe place to discuss any issues that they are struggling with. It develops managerial skills such as team building, resolving conflicts, developing and motivating subordinates, developing adequate leadership style and building two way communication.


Honeyika Khullar, Amit Mendiratta, Tanya Anthwal, Pooja Kaushik, Harshita Prabhakar, Saumya Gupta, Parul D Mendiratta


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